You Are The App For That

Some years ago I saw a documentary on how technology had actually slowed our lives down (in a less productive way) by creating a larger gap between what was available in tech and what we knew how to do with it.  Just let your phone or computer lock up or shut down and see how productive you feel.  And I’m thankful like the next person for really good APPS that help make life more fun or efficient.

Be The App | image

I think we may have become so dependent on thinking “there’s an APP for that” that we sometime don’t give ourselves a chance to embrace a challenge, image a a solution, and apply that solution to the challenge in a way that only we could in that context, at that moment, and with the unparalleled power of the human touch; … not a touch pad.

More often than we might let ourselves realize, because of our dependence on technology, we forget to take a deep breath, listen to our hearts, think with your heads, and get involved with our hands (and not our thumbs).  Next time you are drawn to go to your phone for the solution, just consider what or who is in front of you and that it just might be that “You are the APP for that”.