Take 5 & Try These 3

Do you take time to notice what’s going on around you?  I’ve been creating environments and developing organizations for nearly 20 years now. What I once did inadvertently, I eventually began to do instinctually, and now I do intentionally. One of the first lessons I remember learning about developing a new business was “Listen to people complaining, try to understand what they are really complaining about, and then create a way to make them shut up about it.” This is a lesson I’ve continued to learn; one I teach my children; and one I’ve shared with the thousands of people I’ve talk to throughout the years who have wanted to start something.


Here are three simple exercises you can use to help your new, existing, or next business idea:

AWARENESS |əˈwe(ə)rnis| noun | the knowledge or perception of a situation or fact:
Increase awareness of your surroundings by listening to what people are saying. Watch what people are doing (their non-verbal communication). Ask things like: “What is missing?”, “What does this place/area need?”, “What do people around here want and need that they aren’t getting?”. Inside of these discoveries, you’ll find that, often times it’s a simple solution…but it’s one that you took the time to see, consider, and now maybe even consider how you can solve.

AMBIENCE |ˈambēəns | noun | the character and atmosphere of a place:
Take a moment, put away your phone, engage your five senses….which one is the most pleased? Which one is the most dissatisfied? Consider what it is that pleases that sense and ask, why do I like that and why would others. With the sense that is the most dissatisfied, consider how that might be improved and what difference it would make if it were. As you consider your own environment (established or new), think of the least engaged sense as the lowest slat on a wooden bucket; the lowest slat is where you will loose the most water (or cash, or customers, fill in the blank for your organization). Find a way to improve that part of the area and you will raise the level of the whole of your organization.

ATTITUDE |ˈatiˌt(y)o͞od| noun | a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior:
I’ll keep this one short and simple. The next five places you walk into, intentionally observe the way a staff interacts with one another. How do they talk to one another? Is it quick, passing, and matter of fact? How do leaders talk to those serving with them? What is the tone in their voice? Not just the surface tone; but listen for the undertone. Listen, you’ll hear it. And based on your findings, you’ll probably be able to guess what kind of service you’re about to receive.

Try these exercises; I think they’ll help you increase your Awareness, create real Ambience, and set the tone with a great Attitude.