Third Place Consulting helps to create environments in and for churches through the development of cafes, coffee shops, and lounges that serve to connect people, develop leaders, and fund causes.

Michael Trent

Founder & Idea Engineer

I’ve spent my entire professional career in PlaceMaking – creating environments where people find their place.  For me, places are defined by where people are, where they want to come to, where they want to stay.  I love people and believe wholeheartedly that people still need face to face time together.  I’m wonderfully crazy when a room is alive with conversation, so full and loud that sometimes, you can only hear the specific story right in front of you and the jazz of the tangible and intangible vibe becomes music to my heart.



My professional journey began as a student pastor who was given no budget to operate with; so I instantly decided to create one.  What we wanted to accomplish then, turned out to be the primary goals that I have seen set in thousands of churches and organizations since:  Connect People, Develop Leaders, and Fund Causes.



I know that everyone has three primary places that are essential to life:  we all need a place to live and to call home, we all need a place from which we work and contribute, and we all need a place that we can play and share our lives with others.


We partner with a diverse, yet focused group of specialists that are knowledgeable and able to bring to the table the collaborative effort necessary to create a successful and sustainable third place.